Hang in there Girl, It gets better

Christmas 2016

I used to hate this picture so much. I mean I still don’t love it, but it makes proud to remember that I made a change. The girl in that picture is bloated, puffy and feels disgusting. I was trying to sleep until the very last minute and didn’t wake up in time to do anything with my hair. I was trying to convince myself to switch from drinking vodka to wine, you know, for my health. I want to hug her and tell her, hang in there, it gets so much better. And those three guys, are my everything.Read More »

61 Days

image from: iamthatgirl on insta
image from: iamthatgirl on insta

I am currently 61 days alcohol free and for the last 58 I have thought about how to tell my story or even if I tell it. I still have only told a couple of friends in person. I have gone back and forth on how many gritty details to share and not to share. Or is it even worth sharing? I don’t know but I am starting before I am ready.

Right now being anonymous seems more painful then being seen for exactly who I am.Read More »