Chameleon Brain

Two weeks ago, I was at the She Recovers conference in Beverly Hills, surrounded by 500 women that have identified the thing that is holding them back in life, looked it in the face and said, “No more, I am much to special to settle.” was the most important thing I have done in a long time. Continue reading

Just the Facts

I am sharing this because these are things that I truly didn’t know. And even now, I am still learning. When I started this journey on December 29th, I just belly flopped in and had no idea how to swim. I think I have graduated to arm floaties now, shallow end only, obviously.

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I used to say out loud and in my head “I deserve this drink”. I felt like I earned it because I was a parent, I had a stressful day, I got in a fight with my husband, my kids were in summer vacation, work was annoying. I found a reason I “deserved” every day. 💕 Continue reading


This one isn’t going to be rainbows and mantras, but I guess it’s only fair to write about the hard days right beside the victories, and also, no one likes a faker.

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100 DAYS🙌🙌🙌🙌🦄🦄🦄


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I know the PC thing to do would be to give credit to all the resources I have used, all the people that have supported me, and even a shout out to God… BUT today is a straight up brag. Because even with all of the everything, I DID THIS. I put one foot in front of the other, I did the work, and I showed up. And I am so proud of me. Even though 100 days is HUGE, it is only the beginning because I am going to keep doing the work and I am going to keep showing up. GUYS! I AM DOING IT!

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Give people a chance to cheer. People want to be all in for you! When you are vulnerable, you make other people feel safe and when other people feel safe, they get vulnerable and that is when the miracles happen and the world changes. Continue reading