Hi, I’m Cori.feministsober

And I have been staring at selfies I tried to take for this page for 20 minutes procrastinating what I should write. Really, all I want to say is I thought I was alone. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I thought I should just have more self-control or if I tried harder to moderate I would be fine. But you guys, I am not alone at all, not even close. Addiction or dependence or whatever you want to call it does not have to look like a DUI, it doesn’t have to have a dramatic rock bottom story, it doesn’t even have to look like Meg Ryan in When a Man Loves a Woman (I mean I kind of wish at least my hair looked that good, but she also slaps her daughter in the face so I guess it’s a trade-off).

It only has to look like me and my version. It can look like a mom and wife that loves her family but has gotten to place somehow that she is drinking every night. Every night and multiple drinks. Enough that she wakes up in the morning and feels like crap on a regular basis. Enough that she takes online quizzes to see if she has a problem and feels relieved when they say she’s fine.

I knew in my heart for a long time before I was brave enough to make a change. I think if I would have read other women’s stories I might have made a change sooner. Maybe not, maybe I just wasn’t ready yet. But either way, I want to share my story just in case there is another me out there reading.